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C’est une discipline du corps et de l’esprit qui comprend une grande variété d’exercices et de techniques.


Yoga is a school of philosophy practiced in India since as early as the 3rd millennium BC. It is a discipline of the body and mind that includes a wide variety of exercises and techniques. It contains 8 branches, but the best known in the West is that of “Asana”; the physical postures. This branch has been commercialized as a physical exercise, however, it is in the grouping of its 8 branches that yoga produces its greatest results. In addition to its physical benefits, such as the relief of diseases, the reduction of stress, and the increased flexibility, yoga as a whole is a support tool for everyday life, a guide to greater wisdom and happiness.



There are a multitude of courses and certifications for teaching yoga. Most trainings vary between 200 and 500 hours. The curriculum usually includes courses in anatomy, yoga history, and Asana intensive workshops (postures). Each school sets its own standards. We make sure our teachers are trained enough to deliver the quality required at the Azzuan Center.


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Few disciplines can claim to have such a rich history and be as complete as yoga. Used since hundreds of years, to heal as well as to optimize the health of its participants, yoga brings the body and the mind in the present moment, and becomes an especially efficient tool for anyone who indulges!



Their yoga studio offers a wide range of classes in a specially heated or unheated room. Whether you are a beginner, have been practicing yoga for many years, or your wish is to strengthen, tone and stretch, you will find a course that meets your needs. You will enjoy a unique series of yoga postures that combine the precision of therapeutic yoga as well as the foundations of traditional yoga.

Enjoy your practice !

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It is sometimes difficult in a busy schedule to travel regularly to the yoga studio. This is why Azzuan works in collaboration with multisport’s teacher to design a personalized program for your needs that you can do at home. So no more excuses!

In addition, collaborative work with the other expertise of the center will allow you to obtain an even more precise understanding of your needs, and align the postures proposed by the teacher accordingly.

THE TEACHER – private class and home programs

Karine Lefrancois

Karine Lefrançois

Energetic, determined and eager to learn, especially in all areas of health, well-being and the evolution of the individual on all its facets. For harmony and balance, nothing better than to perceive the human being in its entirety. Having practiced yoga for a long time, one could say that yoga is not only a way of blossoming and growing up, but it is also a great passion that I want to share, in order to share this complete science that nourish, open up, liberate, transform and heal all at once. At a very young age, my great sensitivity and desire to help led me to massage therapy. At that moment, I discovered a strong connection with myself and with energy, through feeling. Teaching and touching are a way for me to blossom and actualize myself.



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The practice of yoga goes back several hundred years ago, and has survived until today for several reasons. It can be useful to ease certain discomforts, but it especially helps to prevent them! Yoga is a safe and accessible discipline when taught by a competent teacher, helping to avoid many daily discomforts, decreasing major risk factors for developing certain illnesses, all this by increasing flexibility, strenghtening and toning the muscles, improving breathing, energy and vitality, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. Avoiding discomforts has never been so enjoyable.



Obviously, yoga will have the same effects on children as on adults. However, many competences are not yet developed in children. For example, body awareness, coordination, concentration, stress management, self-confidence, and a sense of overcoming without being competitive are all aspects of development that yoga is involved in forging. Help your child get away from electronic devices while developing healthy lifestyle habits through yoga!

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The decision to have a child is not taken lightly, neither is the preparation for pregnancy. While several restrictions come with this period, yoga is often suggested and recommended. Why ? Because it is gentle, it prepares the body of the future mother, it avoids several discomforts related to this stage, it strengthens some key muscle groups that will even help during delivery, and finally, it facilitates recovery. The practice of prenatal yoga strengthens the mother-child bond even before the actual birth of the child, and allows the parents to get to know great professionals who may be useful later and for them, and for other moms … Simple & enjoyable!

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


Yoga is well known as a tool to increase muscle flexibility and all the benefits that follow. Few realize the impact this discipline can have on the ability to concentrate and calm the nervous system. It also helps eliminate metabolic waste from the body and revive the body’s systems that are overloaded. All this is very useful for the athletes!

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The absence of discomfort or illness is not a sign of optimal health. Although this is a great start, everyone can benefit from greater energy, a quieter mind, better flexibility, increased tonicity, muscle relaxation, and more. This is what yoga has offered its participants for hundreds of years. You too can benefit from this ancestral knowledge to improve your physical and mental health!

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