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Wellness treatments | An immersive collaborative approach

Azzuan is the collaborative brain that surpasses the individual scope of each expertise. Effective solutions are thought out, coordinated and applied as a team to allow you to reach your wellness goals. The various experts meet at the start of each day to discuss your specific case and work together for the most efficient results.

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” will always be a key factor in facing any challenge that arises in your path. It’s time to start training your most powerful warrior. There is much more in you than you can imagine!

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Your discomforts

No matter what age, physical condition or type of work, why accept discomforts as normal?*

*In case of injury or acute problem, consult your doctor beforehand.

Your children

Start on a good foundation!

So many possibilities

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Your pregnancy and baby

From fertility, to the care of your baby, the support you need from A to Z

Performance programs

Do you want to go even further?
Powerful personalized programs, comprehensive care, and indisputable results.

Get propelled towards the well-being and performance you dream of, in all aspects of your life.

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


Complementary approach to your training, so you can get even more out of it.

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Personal peak

Because there is so much more in you than you think!

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Corporate elite

Wellness and performance finally reunited

Courses & Community

There is so much we would like to share!

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For therapists or individuals who want to take a quantum leap in their practice or in their lives. No comparable courses in Quebec. Available in English upon request.

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The Collaborative Brain

Community set up by Azzuan in order to share its interdisciplinary best practices, and to allow therapists to multiply their therapeutic results.

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Our peers

A list of our collaborators and trusted references, for all types of services, because united we are stronger!

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