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Program for reaching your personal peak!

Are you really the best version of yourself? How can you achieve greater wellness, and what exactly is wellness? According to the National Institute of Wellness it is: A conscious, self-directed and evolving process to reach its full potential. The quality of your sleep, your level of energy, your level of accomplishment and happiness…they all speak about you and the opportunities you might have to optimize yourself.

This program provides support and guidance for you to manifest all these opportunities.

The program extends over a period of approximately 6 months in order to allow integration of the concepts in daily life and their long-term applications.


For a body free of discomforts


  • Yes, a body without discomforts and much more!

  • Health questionnaire + consultations with osteopath, acupuncturist and naturopath;

  • The number of sessions and expertise required for the follow-up are discussed and established with you according to your needs, your insurance policy and your resources. On average 1 visit every 3 weeks. Each visit includes on average 2 combined sessions of different expertise.


Master your mindset


  • Because it all starts from there … ” If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. » Henry Ford

  • 9 sessions with your wellness coach over a period of 6 months;

  • + Establishment of your well-being plan, coordination of the various expertise and adjustment of the plan during the period.

  • An electronic system to track your progress and exchange with your coach.


Invest in yourself!


  • On average $ 550/month taxes included for 6 months, before reimbursement from your insurance for:

    • 9 coaching sessions, coordination and personal plan;

    • 3 consultations to start;

    • 7 visits as per the determined plan.

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Your investment amplified – Optional Group sessions

  • The bio and mind hacking optimization program is based on the discoveries of epigenetics. In simple terms, epigenetics tells us that we are not limited by our DNA. This can be expressed in a thousand ways depending on the influence of environmental factors.

  • These essential pillars for the full optimization of human potential are:

    • Diet and lifestyle;

    • Attitude towards stress;

    • Movement;

    • Psychology and emotions;

    • Interpersonal relationships;

    • Meditation.

  • It is possible to add these sessions in a short conference format, or as group workshops. Click here to access the list (planned courses currently in french but can be given in english if there is enough demand).