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Michel Venne – Cofounder

* Also Osteopath, certified coach, Orizon speaker et a.k.a X_Mind_Project – Leader, guide and explorer more than administrator, I try to inspire and not to impose. Rigor and discipline, I served them to myself first to reach deeper levels of understanding and well-being. A career that has gone through studies in industrial relations, physiotherapy, and osteopathy, which finally made me vibrate. On the other hand, 30 years of karate practice have built a solid foundation of a path that I have never abandoned to this day. Coach of the Canadian team and osteopathic teacher, it is an honor for me to teach and share. Becoming a model was not a goal, but how else to show the way if you did not follow it yourself? It is an ardent desire to help and transmit that gave birth to this great project. Allowing everyone to reach their highest peaks, that’s the goal, that’s why Azzuan, and that’s who I am!


Efi Polikratis – Cofounder

For a long time, I wondered how to rally a hyperactive brain and an overflowing creativity. Initially, the reason got the better of me, so I took the path of accounting. My profession of chartered accountant has cultivated my discipline, my analytical mind, my judgment and my managerial qualities. This journey, which I would not change, allowed me to take a new turn, because my thirst to help others, to create, to leave the mold of the traditional business, surfaced. At the same time, a lot of personal work was started to refocus my person on all of who I am. Azzuan is the culmination of all this. This is a gift that I first allowed myself by putting my fears aside and that I now hope to share with you.


Vincent Bureau – Customer Experience and Coordination

I am a person who believes strongly in life, and it is precisely in this way that I joined the great Azzuan project. I have an ease to converse with other and I am interested in everything. To give a break to my energetic body, I always have a book or an article at hand. I have been swimming since I was young, and I quickly understood the importance of having a healthy, well-rested body and mind. Thus, I was lucky enough to come across one of the founding members of this new approach through my osteopathic treatments. My enthusiasm, my way of conceiving human relations and my eternal positivism attracted their attention. I feel pampered to showcase my 12 years of experience in the Montreal luxury hotel industry to a project that is close to my heart.

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Looking for a new talent – Customer Experience

In research…


Our team members constantly strive to achieve innovations in their techniques, management styles, and technologies on professional and personal levels. We aim to offer a setting where you, too, can optimize and surpass your own goals.

Taking care of your health can be fun. A pleasant environment, friendly therapists and solutions suitable for your needs, this is what we offer you!

Each Azzuan team member is chosen for his or her exceptional technical skills so we can provide exceptional optimisation solutions to our clients. Our practitioners stay at the top of their game by engaging in continuous education and a personal development plan, ensuring you receive the best in the business.

As our services may not be affordable for everyone, we offer programs to help those in need – call us to inquire. We encourage eco-friendly practices in our professional and personal lives, such as reducing paper and energy consumption, recycling, and investing in organic food.

The cultural attitude that ‘higher, bigger and most profits’ does not fit with our mission. Instead, the Azzuan project was designed to make a significant social contribution by fostering balance throughout the organization, ensuring everyone benefits.


Efi Polikratis – Cofounder
Michel Venne – Cofounder
Vincent Bureau – Customer Experience and coordination



Anick Milette – Osteopathe
Alexandra Duclos – Acupuncture
Benoit St-Pierre – Massage therapy
Karl Dagenais – Osteopathe
Florine Lescut – Osteopathe
Geneviève Rouillard – Osteopathe
Geneviève St-Laurent – Psychoeducation
Holly Parker – Coach
Joëlle Bélanger – Osteopathe
Judith Leduc – Acupuncture
Karen Borrmann – Massage therapy
Marie Bernard – Massage therapy
Marilyn Sutherland- Acupuncture
Maxime Chevrier – Cognitive training
Michel Venne – Osteopathe, Coach, Orizon speaker, X_Mind_Project
Nathael Duhaime – Acupuncture
Nathalie Lemay – Massage therapy
Sabina Bastian – Coach
Valérie Martin – Naturopathe

See the disciplines pages for biographies of team members.

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