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Qi Gong (Chi Gong or Chi Kung) is a traditional Chinese gymnastic and a science of breathing that is based on knowledge and mastery of vital energy, and which combines slow movements, breathing exercises, and calmness. The term literally means “cultivate vital energy”. The effects of regular Qi Gong practice will increase vitality, prevent certain illnesses and injuries, promote physical, psychological and emotional health (self-development) or even the development of self-healing gifts. Qi Gong has several branches, which cover hundreds of different styles: Medical Qi Gong, Martial Qi Gong, and Spiritual Qi Gong are the three main branches.



Qi Gong is gaining popularity, as there are now schools and institutes where it is taught in Quebec. Some will prefer to follow a more traditional education with authentic Chinese masters. The Qi Gong teacher must not only have a very good knowledge of the subject and the concepts that they are teaching, but above all, they must have themselves seriously practiced the techniques and exercises. The Qi Gong teacher must be passionate and eager to help people in their quest for health and spiritual development.


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As part of one of the approaches of traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gong comes from an ancestral wisdom that is transmitted to us through gestures, simple movements and yet, remains completely accessible to all of us. No matter how old or fit you are, you can all learn Qi Gong and enjoy its benefits. It is a breath of life sliding freely through the body. Through this ancient art, the body and the spirit are reunited.

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With postural alignment, Qi Gong reduces mechanical limitations, while improving circulation and oxygenation, which in turn promotes nutrition and the healing of tissues. It brings a meditative state of tranquility, which according to several researches, activates certain areas of the brain that help fight pain. Moreover, it is a powerful emotional regulator. According to traditional Chinese medicine, emotional disorders are one the main causes of internal disease. Qi Gong is a complete discipline, accessible to us all.

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Our optimal state (full potential) is the natural state buried in us, just waiting to be awoken. To achieve this, Qi Gong uses static movements and postures that strengthen the body and improve the health. A strong and supple body facilitates our daily actions, and prevents injuries. Through a fluid and conscious breathing, it brings a clarity of mind and a greater availability in our relationships and our in our work.

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For athletes, it is in stress management and the ability to control your breathing that you will find Qi Gong most useful. Optimize your workout with a calm and clear mind. This discipline is used very little in the Western world. It must be experienced in order to understand all its power!

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From five years old, and even a little younger for especially witty subjects, Qi Gong can be practiced in the form of games. There are many benefits, such as learning to channel your energy and controlling your emotions, developing attention and self-confidence, strengthening the body and the immune system, and developping body awareness. A gift and a solid foundation to offer for a healthier future!



Qi Gong will promote a harmonious pregnancy and a childbirth lived in presence. During pregnancy, it will enable the mother to feel and understand her physical and mental transformations. The exercises for pregnant woman are centered around having a natural, ample and deep breathing (immobile or in movement), with a rhythm adapted to the increasing constraints of the movement of the diaphragm. The fluidity and flexibility of the movements of the column and the pelvis (wave and circular movements) will allow the relaxation of the psoas. The search for sensations in the perineum, and a training to engage and relax it so that it regains its flexibility, elasticity and tone, will promote a better pre-delivery condition, and faster recovery after giving birth.

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