According to the law, the psychologist’s mandate is to promote psychological health, and to restore the mental health of the human being in interaction with his environment. To do this, the psychologist first assesses the psychological functioning of the person, using interviews or psychometric tests, if necessary, they procede to determine and carry out the necessary interventions or treatments in order to solve the psychological difficulties. The analysis of behaviors, emotions, and mental processes characterizes the work of the psychologist. They are not able to prescribe medication. If they believe that the person could benefit from pharmacological treatment, they must refer the person to a doctor or to a psychiatrist.



Psychology is a profession governed by a professional order. The Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) requires from its professionals a postgraduate university education, that is obtained through a doctorate degree.


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If still too many people see psychology as a tool of last resort, we definitely have a different vision. What if the brain and the body worked in a reciprocal relationship, where the health of one cannot exist without the health of the other? Would that not be tempting to spontaneously and naturally treat my mind, just as I do exercises to strengten my cardiovascular capacity? No more taboos!

We are currently working with psychologists whose premises are outside the Azzuan center.



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Discomforts can sometimes be an expression of suffering, or psychological difficulty. Indeed, they can occur following a moment of crisis (eg: separation, depression, trauma, particularly difficult moments, etc.) or following a past problem that has a significant impact on the present physical condition. The psychologist can help identify the psychological source of physical discomfort, if any, and then develop strategies to learn how to express and manage it more appropriately.

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Without having any great psychological difficulties, or a particular diagnosis, it is still possible to suffer from daily stress, or a past situation that was difficult and left marks. The psychologist can help the client identify the various sources of stress or suffering, present or past, that may cause anxiety, sleep difficulties, concentration, social integration, or even problems with self-esteem, and therefore to better understand and manage them before they become more problematic. It is also possible to prevent certain adaptation difficulties that may arise as a result of new living conditions, or a new environment, especially if we address them in advance.

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The mind plays a major role in sports performance! That’s why the psychologist can help athletes optimize their performance, including developing strategies for dealing with stress, performance anxiety, sleep disorders, and psychological blockages or fears. The psychologist can also work to promote better concentration, self-esteem, and overall energy as well as developing visualization techniques, time management with sports, and the different spheres of everyday life.

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The psychologist can intervene with children and adolescents to understand the origin and meaning of the difficulties presented, and then develop strategies for managing them. Whether it is a specific diagnosis, such as attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity (ADD / ADHD), a learning disability, a developmental or behavioral disorder, or difficulties such as stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms, sleep disorders, low self-esteem, adaptation difficulties of all kinds, school or family difficulties, the psychologist is there to identify the origin and meaning of these difficulties, provide support for the child and his family, and provide them tools to improve their daily lives and reduce their suffering. There are several tools available to the psychologist to work with children, teens and their families, including one-to-one discussions, drawing, play therapy, and family therapy. Guided by the psychologist, parents and / or siblings are all invited to address the issues or difficulties from a family and interactional point of view rather than from an individual one.

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