Azzuan rate list

For more information on the collaborative approach see below.

* Rates for 45min at $ 100 and 60min at $ 110 are only for Michel Venne

t Taxable services
– Children 5 years old and less, the durations are shorter and the rates lower, contact us.

Where to start?

Make an appointment in the discipline of your choice.
In addition to your care, obtain advice on the optimal follow-up and the interdisciplinary combinations recommended if applicable.


Contact us, we will help you determine where to start!

The collaboration

In every case, benefit from team consultations to optimize the quality of your care in complete confidentiality.


When your consent is granted and the rules of the discipline allow it, take advantage of the immersive experience of combined care in the same session with several team members, and witness its effective results!

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*Progressive reopening as of June 5th due to COVID-19

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