L’ostéopathie est une approche manuelle dont l’objectif est de rétablir la fonctionnalité des structures et des systèmes du corps.


Osteopathy is a manual approach whose objective is to restore the functionality of the structures and systems of the human body in order to optimize its self-regulation capacity. This practice is based on an in-depth knowledge of the health sciences and interactions specific to the balance of the body. Thanks to a fine and precise palpation, an overall osteopathic evaluation allows the body to reach its full neuromusculoskeletal, visceral and cranial potential.

Compared with other more well-known manual techniques that mainly address the musculoskeletal system (mechanical part of the body), osteopathy also targets other systems (the circulatory, nervous, urinary, gynecological, reproductive, respiratory, fascia, skin, etc.). Osteopathy is not and does not replace medicine. It is complementary!



The main associations in osteopathy are currently undergoing procedures for the formation of a professional order that will ensure the quality and consistency of practice among its members. In the meantime, Azzuan only accepts therapists who have completed their training at one of these two schools: 1200 hours after a bachelor’s degree in health or a related field (6 years part-time at the COQ) or training at the CEO (program prepared to meet the rules of the baccalaureate and masters degrees of the Ministry of Education of Quebec in a possible conversion, and diploma issued by the University of Whale in the United Kingdom, 6 years full time). If the therapist comes from another school, additional training is required and his competence is tested and compared to others to ensure Azzuan’s standards.


Osteopathy in our collaborative center

How can such a powerful tool still be so uncommon? Defined in the newspaper La Presse a few years ago as the watchmaker of the body, the osteopath is also the engineer of this wonderful machine that is the human body. The osteopath is a man or a woman of reflection, who prove what they say by what they do! Even when you consult an osteopath by themselves, you benefit from the collective brain of the other disciplines the center has, always in the respect of your confidentiality. This increases the efficiency of your care and enables you to receive a unique service in Quebec!


Prices range from $90 to $110/ session *

* The rates for 45min at $100 and 60min at 110$ are only for Michel Venne

This service has been recently determined as taxable

**while respecting your confidentiality

Receipts for insurance purposes are provided.



Karl Dagenais

Having studied at the University of Montreal in Nursing Sciences, I quickly decided to reorient my path towards a more comprehensive, more complete and more preventive therapy. Osteopathy presented itself to me as the most interesting option to help my clients solve their symptoms and maintain their quality of life. I love being able to look after the whole family – from babies to the athletic adult, pregnant women and older people. I like to deepen my knowledge on a subject, to go back to the source of a problem and to solve it effectively. This is why I particularly appreciate the challenge of working with persistent discomforts, having persisted even after consulting several professionals in the past.

Michel Venne2

Michel Venne

* Also co-founder, manager, certified coach, Orizon speaker and a.k.a X_Mind_Project – Leader, guide and explorer more than administrator, I try to inspire and not to impose. Rigor and discipline, I served them to myself first to reach deeper levels of understanding and well-being. A career that has gone through studies in industrial relations, physiotherapy, and osteopathy, which finally made me vibrate. On the other hand, 30 years of karate practice have built a solid foundation of a path that I have never abandoned to this day. Coach of the Canadian team and osteopathic teacher, it is an honor for me to teach and share. Becoming a model was not a goal, but how else to show the way if you did not follow it yourself? It is an ardent desire to help and transmit that gave birth to this great project. Allowing everyone to reach their highest peaks, that’s the goal, that’s why Azzuan, and that’s who I am!


Florine Lescut

My first steps with osteopathy go back to childhood thanks to horseback riding. In preparation for the championships of France, the osteopath came to treat the ponies. At that time I found it magical! Through my training of 5000h in France (more than 5 years), osteopathy became a guide on my way to treating me, to live, to blossom. Taking care of myself, my family and the people around me is a priority. This quest for well-being can take many forms, such as yoga, outdoor sports, travel and a healthy and varied diet. Finding balance on all levels of my being helps me guide you to yours!


Anick Milette

With my colorful personality, my intensity is reflected in all spheres of my life. I have always taken a liking to life and that’s why I got to know myself through various interests that animate me. My great passion for the human being and music in all its forms, mainly singing, bring out the great depth in me. I also love horseback riding: the pleasure of being in nature and the connection with the horse brings me great moments of joy. I am a fan of physical training, but it is with acro-yoga that I harmonize my great sensitivity with my taste for challenges. I always seek to go further, spiritually and physically, and to give the best of myself, no matter where I am.


Marianne Feller

Being composed!



petite pouce


An exhaustive list of the discomforts targeted by osteopathy would be much too long to establish. They can be grouped according to the various systems they impact: musculoskeletal, circulatory (venous, arterial and lymphatic), nervous, urinary, gynecological, reproductive, and respiratory, fascia, skin, etc.



Childhood is a crucial period at the developmental level. Did you know that many health problems related to development can be relieved through osteopathy? When applied at the right time, it can prevent serious orthodontic problems or make them easier to treat. It has also been recognized for helping with ear infections. Many parents believe that the discomfort associated with growth is normal when it occurs. You will be happy to learn the opposite. Some scoliosis is idiopathic (the cause of which is unknown), but adequate management such as that offered by Azzuan can greatly help to control and prevent the aggravation of such a condition when present. Problems with attention or behavior, in addition to multiple musculoskeletal discomforts, are among the list of concerns that clients consult for in osteopathy.

HD 9


Thanks to their training and gentle manual techniques in harmony with the body they cares for, the osteopath is able to help with the level of fertility, to support the mother during pregnancy and to adequately prepare the body of the future mother for childbirth. In doing so, they open the door to a potentially easier birth, and can then ensure that the baby starts life without blockages, thus allowing life to do its job and giving it a little help if needed over time.

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


When structures have dysfunctions that force others to compensate, this can cause injury. The osteopath can release their tension in prevention and even help them regain their natural movement when they are too solicited, thus helping their recovery. In cases of discomfort, the osteopath corrects the affected system that is causing the problem to avoid recurrence and not just punctual relief. In addition, after an acute injury, the osteopath can remove residual dysfunctions to ensure complete recovery as a complement to your doctors treatment. Osteopathy does not replace medicine; it is complementary.

looking forward


No need to feel ill to put the osteopath at the service of your health. They are an integral part of any optimization plan, since they are able to help with musculoskeletal dysfunctions as well as problems with the various organs of the thorax and abdomen. Moreover, they are the master of the cranial sphere. In short, as soon as a structure is limited in its mobility, osteopathy is the approach of choice to put the body back in motion and to allow the body to access a better potential, responding to the accelerated pace of daily life!

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