La naturopathie est l'art et la science visant à promouvoir un niveau de santé optimal par le recours à des moyens naturels et écologiques.


Naturopathic medicine is concerned with the origin of imbalances that can reduce your vitality and your full potential. The naturopath sees you as a whole and his tools are: personalized functional nutrition, good lifestyle habits, stress management, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, natural products, physical activity, etc. These naturopathic tools all aim to optimize and promote the natural return of your organic and biochemical functions in order to allow you to reach your full health potential.
The naturopath, his approach and his suggestions do not replace your medical appointments, tests, medications and medical investigation. Its support is intended to be complementary, participatory and preventive.

Notice: We offer naturopathic assessments and appointments at AZZUAN. We do not claim to make a diagnosis, offer medical treatment or act as a nutritionist.



Naturopathic training in Quebec is extensive since it is not a profession supervised by the office of professions. However, the ANAQ (Association des naturopathes Agrées du Québec) actively campaigns for the recognition of the profession by the creation of an order and applies the highest standards of practice such as: A minimum training of 1400 hours, a code of ethics, postgraduate education, etc. The naturopaths we choose are part of this association and bear the reserved title of ND.A.


Naturopathy in our collaborative center

“Naturopathy is not an emergency approach, it does not save lives, it saves qualities of life. ”

If only to maximize their overall well-being and balance, and to optimize their physical, mental, moral and spiritual states. Even when you consult an naturopath by themselves, you benefit from the collective brain of the other disciplines the center has, always in the respect of your confidentiality. This increases the efficiency of your care and enables you to receive a unique service in Quebec!


First visit of 90min for 139$*

Follow-ups range from $ 57 to $ 117 (30 to 60min depending on the complexity of each case)*
* Taxes are applicable

**while respecting your confidentiality

Receipts for insurance purposes are provided

The naturopath’s schedule is managed on a distinct web site.

Thank you for mentionning you were referred by Azzuan.

Consultations take place at 385 Rue Huguette
Fabreville, Laval, QC, H7P 3N1 (5min from the Azzuan center)

The same collaboration applies as with the other Azzuan team members.



Valérie Martin – Naturopathy

Wanting to have the best possible training, I obtained the designation of certified naturopath at the School of Higher Education of Naturopathy of Quebec after 4 years of study. I also wanted to expand my skills by training as a Swedish massage therapist at the Academy of Scientific Massage.

For 3 years, I had the immense privilege of joining the team of Doctor Gaétan A. Brouillard where I learned to work in collabpraiton with traditional medicine in a multidisciplinary team. It has been 8 years since I started Coach Moi, where I offer my services as a naturopath and massage therapist. At the end of 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Azzuan and since then I have been an external naturopathic consultant in partnership with their great team. I am constantly looking for ways to increase my knowledge to expand my therapeutic skills, in order for my clients to reach their full health potential.



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Naturopathy can greatly help for various discomforts. The body’s ability to self-regulate is powerful. With the help of multiple natural means, the body can regain its balance and find relief.



A naturopathic consultation for children works the same way as for an adult. The naturopath analyzes the situation of the child since birth and tries to find the cause of the imbalance. It will ensure a balance between the 4 pillars of health: nutrition, stress management and emotions, physical activity, and the environment. Your naturopath will help you find a personalized diet through all recommended diets (gluten, casein, oxalates, carbohydrates, phenols, salicylates, etc.). Nutritional supplements are only given when needed, and they promote a quicker return to homeostasis. This approach can help relieve discomforts related to disorders such as: infections, digestive disorders, skin, attention deficit, weight, anxiety, allergies and others.

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We fertilize the soils with humus or manure to make sure that the seeds will germinate quickly and produce good fruits or vegetables. This is exactly the same with the human body: It needs some specific nutrients for growth and maintenance. Diet during pre-conception is very important to increase the fertility of the man, just as much as the woman’s, to clean the body, to balance the hormones, to avoid the deficiencies, to tone the immune system, etc. (give yourself a period of 6 months to a year). Once the child is conceived or after birth, the child has needs that are specific to their growth stage. The naturopath is a professional well recommanded to answer appropriately to questions about the nutrition of the infant as well as the mother’s.

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


The sportsman’s body is his racing car. It needs the best possible fuel in order to achieve optimal performance. The naturopath assists the athlete in choosing his foods and nutrients to boost recovery, energy levels, and ability to generate effort. Also, during acute injuries, it is possible to help the regeneration of tissue through choice of foods and natural products, to reinforce the treatment that the doctor has prescribed.

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If you find that you’re constantly on the run, it is very likely that your nervous system is being pushed to the maximum by the everyday stress. As we all know, chronic stress is bad for one’s health. It affects more than just our quality of life: it also affects our cells. Your naturopath can help you optimize your health by supporting your nervous and adrenal systems with specific dietary choices, adaptogenic herbs and stress management tips.

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