What a powerful and accessible tool for all! Meditation is so simple and yet avoided by many. It has no gender, age, or religion. It does not require any accessories, prior training, or special income. Like any discipline, to see the benefits, you have to give it a chance by dropping the fears of the unknown as well as prejudices.

Why meditate? To slow down the pace of life, to see things more clearly, to make better decisions, to live happily, to grow up and, to love each other.


Rates between 20$ and 80$ / session *

Depending on duration (45 or 60 minutes) and number of participants (1 to 4)

* Taxes are applicable.



douleur souffre souffrance malaise maux


Everybody know the power of the placebo effect. This demonstrates how the mind, when well oriented, is an important tool to help with all kinds of discomforts and malaises.

performance optimale concentration qualité du sommeil


Congestion at rush hour is a good illustration of what happens in a lot of people’s mind during everyday life. Through meditation, it is possible to create a safe space, take a healthy distance and find calm. This often result in making you more effective, making better decisions, while allowing the body to rest. It’s impossible not to see benefits, but you have to give yourself a chance to live it!

Sportifs santé naturelle performance optimale niveau superieur


The body can be totally ready for a sports performance, but if the head does not follow what good? The art of directing your mind can be taught through visualization techniques that can help both in sport and in life in general!

traitement pour enfant , soigner soin


Yes, yes meditation for children! More and more schools are integrating relaxation and guided breathing sessions to help children calm down and maintain better relationships with themselves and others. If all children made it a daily practice, many future health problems could be avoided!



You would be surprised at the number of pregnant women attending multi-day meditation retreats to prepare for their delivery. Meditation gives additional tools for pain management and mental preparation at this crucial time both for the mother and for her baby.

Well-being & performance amplified
An immersive collaboration, unique in Quebec

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