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Soulager les inconforts


In addition to relaxation, the benefits of a therapeutic massage are multiple. It helps with the structure and posture of the body, it relieves discomfort (such as those felt in the back), it promotes a wider range of motion, and improves joint mobility. In fact, the benefits are felt throughout the body: the nervous system is soothed, endorphins are released, the health of the skin is improved, the frequency of headaches are reduced, etc. Massage therapy also promotes the circulation of energy and helps reduce stress.



The training in massage therapy begins with the basic level: “practitioner”, which is about 400 hours. This basic level is the one usually required in spas for relaxing massages. The next level is that of “kinesitherapy”. It aims at an in-depth understanding of the osteoarticular apparatus and the ability to evaluate and treat various biomechanical problems. In other words, a therapeutic massage. There are several other trainings and various specializations that can also be followed by therapists.


Massage therapy in our collaborative center

The massage therapists at the center are distinguished by their interdisciplinary knowledge and their understanding of the body which goes far beyond the regular formation. In addition, even when you consult a massage therapist in isolation, you benefit from the collective brain of the other disciplines of the center, while respecting your confidentiality. This increases the efficiency of your treatment and allows you to receive a unique service in Quebec!


Prices range from $70 to $115/ session *
Duration between 45 and 90 minutes
* Taxes are applicable.

**while respecting your confidentiality

Receipts for insurance purposes are provided.



Benoit St-Pierre

Pushing my limits, whether intellectually, physically, alone or in a group, is part of a choice I make every day. The learning that comes from this way of living allows me to know myself more every second and to be able to engage in my passion in a healthy and effective way. Balance is my guideline: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. My pillars: cycling and running. My roots: meditation and Qi Gong. My strength: trust. All this accompanied by an intelligent power supply. And most importantly, as a binder of this recipe, is to add laughter and authenticity in abundance!

Nathalie Lemay

Massage therapy has been a part of me for a very long time. Unofficially, since the elementary school, I took pleasure in lulling my dog and massaging it, and later on, I offered long massages to my friends who needed it. To officially improve this passion for touch, I  became a professional massage therapist in 2005. I have followed many technical trainings since, with or without oil, traditional and energetic, on the table and on the floor. Then, curious to further refine this touch experience, I have volunteered with children who suffer various disabilities, which has allowed me to further develop an extraordinary sense of touch, and a very instinctive capacity to adapt to the limitations of my own clients. My touch has become very intuitive and personalized throughout the years. That is my color!


Karen Borrmann

Empathetic, perceptive, and passionate about academy, I am excited to use my diverse experiences. Having a background in research and science education, physical training and massage therapy, I look forward to helping people improve their health and quality of life. I believe that much of what is generally accepted as normal symptoms of aging and overuse is preventable, even reversible, and that with proper care we can live lives full of health, vitality, balance and health. I enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities. Having practiced karate for more than 20 years and competed in international combat competitions, I learned the importance of caring for one’s body and mind as a whole.



petite pouce


Massage therapy is an effective way to relieve chronic pain because the therapeutic touch takes into account the individual physiological and psychological factors of pain. For the relief of back pain due to a musculoskeletal problem, one of the most common discomfort, massage can reduce the pain and also improve the quality of sleep. Massage therapy can also be useful to promote the proper functioning of the whole body by its ability to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, and reduce the discomfort associated with depression.



The benefits of massage for children are many: reduce stress, relax muscles (preventing muscular pain), improve concentration, promote sleep, etc. In hyperactive children, a massage of the head and feet can be very beneficial. Massaging the head acts on their nervous system and allows them to indulge in total relaxation. Parents often see an improvement in their child’s condition for several days after this kind of care. They can also do it at home, before their child goes to bed, to help them fall asleep more easily.

HD 9


Massage therapy offers many benefits for pregnant women. Thanks to the adapted, soft and slow techniques, and the following of certain restrictions, massage therapy can relieve back pain, improve posture, contribute to good sleep, facilitate breathing, soften the skin by reducing the appearance of stretch marks and provide a well deserved relaxation!

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


Athletes of all levels consult massage therapists to increase their flexibility and elasticity. This helps recovery, prevents injuries, eliminates discomfort due to tension, cramps and muscle “knots”. Massage therapy can also help regain maximum range of motion and relieve fatigue of stressed muscles from repetitive movements.

looking forward


Within optimizing health in mind, the body, while not sick, may need a boost every now and then to find the right path! We ask so much from it! The massage therapist can, among other things, help the amplitude of the respiratory system, promote blood circulation, calm the nervous system, etc. It’s like bringing your car for a maintenance!