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Benefits of osteopathy to meet your needs


Effective for optimizing joint, gynecological, hormonal, digestive and circulatory functions.

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  • Optimizes sleep and energy level;
  • Approach that combines wonderfully with a traditional medical approach.

More details related to discomfort (in French)


Many parents believe that the problems associated with growing up are normal. Osteopathy works in prevention to facilitate the development of the child during this crucial period.

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  • When performed at the right time, osteopathy can prevent orthodontic problems;
  • Recognized to facilitate the prevention of ear infections;
  • Optimizing attention is also on the list of concerns for which customers consult.

More details related to discomfort (in French)


Gentle manual techniques in harmony with the body, ideal for preparing for a potentially easier childbirth while helping the baby to start his life in an optimal way.

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  • Help with fertility;
  • Support during pregnancy;
  • Prepares for childbirth.

Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


When structures are not optimized, they force others to compensate, which can lead to injury. The osteopath can preventively normalize them, and even restart them when they are overloaded, which helps in recovery.

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  • In the case of discomfort, osteopathy makes it possible to correct the systems that generate them to avoid recurrence and achieve lasting optimization;
  • After an acute injury, can help maximize the full potential of the affected area and thus prevent future injuries;
  • Does not replace medicine, but complements it.

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)


photo de michel venne

Michel Venne

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Leader, guide and explorer more than administrator, I try to inspire and not to impose. Rigor and discipline, I served them to myself first to reach deeper levels of understanding and well-being. A career that has gone through studies in industrial relations, physiotherapy, and osteopathy, which finally made me vibrate.

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On the other hand, 30 years of karate practice have built a solid foundation of a path that I have never abandoned to this day. Coach of the Canadian team and osteopathic teacher, it is an honor for me to teach and share. Becoming a model was not a goal, but how else to show the way if you did not follow it yourself? It is an ardent desire to help and transmit that gave birth to this great project. Allowing everyone to reach their highest peaks, that’s the goal, that’s why Azzuan, and that’s who I am!

photo de florine lescut

Florine Lescut

Make an appointment with Florine in Laval

My first steps with osteopathy go back to childhood thanks to horse riding. In preparation for the French championships, the osteopath came to treat the ponies. At that time I found it magical! Through my 5000h training in France (more than 5 years), osteopathy has become a guide on my way of treating myself, of living, of flourishing.

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Passionate from the beginning for perinatality, the magic of pregnancy and the sacred power of birth, I was able to live all these stages of life through my personal experience. Since then, I have completed my training in childbirth support and child development. I then became a breastfeeding sponsor and training member for Nourrisource.

Taking care of myself, my family and the people around me is a priority. Involved and inclusive, my care on all levels of your being will help you to (re)find balance and health.

photo de suzie gagnon

Suzie Gagnon

Make an appointment with Suzie in Laval and Magog

My career path is highly heterogeneous. Primarily an artist by training, I also worked in the forestry sector for 20 years as a tree planter, a physical work of high intensity and endurance. I frequently use the TFH approach (the Touch For Health) developed by John F. Thie which is a technique combining kinesiology and energy medicine. It helps to restore a general state of health by promoting balance between body and mind. This is often a very effective approach for chronic pain resistant to conventional treatments, to help reduce learning and concentration disorders in children and adults.

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Being myself a survivor of severe, chronic and incapacitating pain associated with herniated discs, I am well-versed to understand this reality and I like to help people regain their quality of life as quickly as possible. At the same time, the health of the elderly is close to my heart, I have initiated a clinic-school partnership in geriatrics with the Franciscan Sisters of Mary. I like to keep myself up to date on the latest advances in this area, I will soon be training with Alain Croibier on this subject. I participated in the Spine Symposium at Sherbrooke University in 2017, the subject of which was lumbosciatica. I also trained with Anaïs Beaupré on neurodynamics and neuromeningeal mobilization.