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Benefits of naturopathy to meet your needs


The common goal of people who consult naturopathy: find natural and effective ways to achieve optimal health on a daily basis.

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  • The tools, advice and personalized action plan aim in particular to regulate weight, facilitate the management of chronic pain, calm disturbances of the digestive system, support energy levels and enjoy sleep repairman.
  • More details related to discomfort (in French)


Support the full development of the child on several levels: immune system, cognitive / academic, growth and management of growing pains, digestive balance, harmonious sleep routine.

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  • Offer tips and tricks to encourage the child's participation in the lifestyle change plan, healthy eating, relaxation exercises, stress management, self-massage, etc .;
  • The consultation takes place in the same way as for an adult. However, when the children are usually 8 years old and under, it takes place in the presence of the parent only.


Support during the different stages of pregnancy: preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum, return to work.

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  • A balanced and natural diet as well as healthy lifestyle habits are tools that promote the fertility of a couple;
  • We encourage future parents to start their naturopathic follow-up 6 months before the pregnancy in order to experience this smooth transition.
  • Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


The athlete's body is his racing car and he must ensure that it is supplied with the best possible fuel to achieve optimum performance.

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  • Supports the athlete in the choice of his foods and nutrients to boost recovery, support the energy level and the ability to generate effort;
  • In case of injury, in addition to medical monitoring, facilitates the understanding and use of certain natural products conducive to recovery.

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)

The naturopath of Laval

photo de valerie martin

Valérie Martin

Wanting to have the best possible training, I obtained the designation of certified naturopath at the School of Higher Education of Naturopathy of Quebec after 4 years of study. I also wanted to expand my skills by training as a Swedish massage therapist at the Academy of Scientific Massage.

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For 3 years, I had the immense privilege of joining the team of Doctor Gaétan A. Brouillard where I learned to work in collabpraiton with traditional medicine in a multidisciplinary team. It has been 8 years since I started Coach Moi, where I offer my services as a naturopath and massage therapist. At the end of 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Azzuan and since then I have been an external naturopathic consultant in partnership with their great team. I am constantly looking for ways to increase my knowledge to expand my therapeutic skills, in order for my clients to reach their full health potential.