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Benefits of massage therapy to meet your needs


Effective in treating chronic ailments such as back pain, one of the most common discomforts.

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  • May reduce discomfort in general and improve the quality of sleep;
  • Acts on the proper functioning of the whole body by improving blood circulation and digestion, strengthening the immune system, increasing energy levels and reducing stress;
  • Through the use of touch, provides an effect of psychological calm when facing physical problems.

More details related to discomfort (in French)


Reduces stress, prevents muscle discomfort, improves concentration, promotes sleep.

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  • In hyperactive children, a head and foot massage can be very beneficial. Massaging the head acts on their nervous system and allows children to let go in total relaxation and escape, just as an adult can.

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Thanks to adapted, gentle, slow techniques that respect certain restrictions, massage therapy reduces back discomfort and improves posture.

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  • Contributes to good sleep;
  • Facilitates breathing;
  • Softens the skin while reducing the risk of stretch marks;
  • Provides a well-deserved moment of relaxation!

Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


Helps prevent injuries and eliminate discomfort caused by tension, cramps and muscle "knots".

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  • Helps increase the flexibility and elasticity of muscles;
  • Helps regain range of motion and relieve fatigue in muscles used during repetitive movements.

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)

Laval massage therapists

photo of benoit st-pierre

Benoit St-Pierre

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Pushing my limits, whether intellectually, physically, alone or in a group, is part of a choice I make every day. The learning that comes from this way of living allows me to know myself more every second and to be able to engage in my passion in a healthy and effective way. Balance is my guideline: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

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My pillars: cycling and running. My roots: meditation and Qi Gong. My strength: trust. All this accompanied by an intelligent power supply. And most importantly, as a binder of this recipe, is to add laughter and authenticity in abundance!
Note that Benoit practices energy massage therapy, a technique that focuses on energy transfer through slow and gentle movements of massage therapy. Excellent for deep relaxation of the nervous system and for harmonizing all of your systems for a special moment with yourself!

photo of nathalie lemay

Nathalie Lemay

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I have been practicing massage therapy since 2005. My touch is very intuitive and personalized. Each massage received then becomes a unique experience. This is my color! Passionate about massage, I volunteered my hands with disabled children for ten years. This allowed me to develop an unusual, instinctive sense of touch and an ease of adapting to the limitations of my own clients.

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. I have done several trainings and I have a fairly diverse expertise in massage techniques with or without oil, traditional or energetic such as: amma massage (Japanese technique that is practiced without oil, whose main function is to rebalance the body in energy while being rocked and stretched pleasantly), Swedish massage, massage for pregnant women or lymphatic drainage (very gentle and without oil), sports massage and even yoga-Thai massage (performed on the floor on a mattress). My years of experience have allowed me to mix it all up a bit and also incorporate a base of reiki (energetic).