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Benefits of meditation to meet your needs


Everyone knows the power of the placebo effect.

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  • This shows us to what extent our mind, when properly directed, is an important ally to any other method undertaken to reduce its discomfort.

More details related to discomfort (in French)


Yes, yes meditation for children!

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  • More and more schools are incorporating relaxation and guided breathing sessions to help children calm down and have better relationships with themselves and others.
  • If all children had a daily practice, many future health problems could be avoided!
  • More details related to discomfort (in French)


You would be surprised how many pregnant women attend multi-day meditation retreats to prepare for childbirth.

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  • Meditation provides additional tools for pain management and mental preparation at this crucial moment.

Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


The body may be ready for a sports performance, but if the head doesn’t follow, what is it good for?

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  • The art of directing the mind can be taught through visualization techniques that can help both in sports and life in general!

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)

The meditation guide

photo of anick milette

Anick Milette

Working with the union of matter and energy, Anick combines her therapeutic knowledge with her energetic gifts to guide you in a targeted meditation session tailored to your needs. With over 25 years of experience in these two major fields, Anick approaches meditation as an effective tool helping improve communication and harmony between body, mind, spirit and energy.

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Its approach is unique and will allow you to feel the benefits of the practice of meditation combined with the effects of an energetic treatment.