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Energy healing options

Energetic massage with Benoit St-Pierre

A technique that focuses on energy transfer through slow and gentle movements of massage therapy. Excellent for deep relaxation of the nervous system and harmonizing all of your systems for a special moment with yourself!

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ThetaHealing® with Anick Milette

It is a technique that is practiced from a distance. The energetician questions the person in order to clarify their limiting beliefs, help them overcome them, as well as replace them with new ones that will allow them to open up to new possibilities in their life.

This treatment is offered by a partner of the Azzuan center. You will be directed to their website to make a ThetaHealing® appointment.

A combination of energetic tools from various disciplines

This is an approach created by the Azzuan Center combining more than one practitioner in the same session. Each has its own tool such as: de-engramming, energetic touch, Reiki, chelation, ThetaHealing® and VortexHealing®. This approach is complementary and in no way replaces the follow-up with your psychologist or any other health professional.

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