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Benefits of coaching to meet your needs


One of the big questions that coaching and positive psychology looks at is: what is an optimal life? Or a life where we feel fulfilled and at our full potential?

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  • A coaching approach can help answer this question and set up the conditions for approaching an ideal of personal and professional life.


We offer Olympic athletes support at all levels to optimize their performance, prevent injuries, allow them to recover faster and of course, constantly improve! Train like an Olympian of your profession!

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  • A coach is a key partner for professionals who want to excel like Olympians without having to put their well-being aside.

Group workshops in corporations


Discomfort and health problems are sometimes the result of more or less conscious emotional or psychological blockages.

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  • These can manifest themselves during important life transitions;
  • Coaching brings to light certain unconscious mechanisms (limiting thoughts, emotional pains from the past, etc.) in order to help release blockages at the source of physical or other limitations.

More details related to discomfort (in French)


The discipline of coaching was born in the world of sport: the coach accompanies the athlete so that the latter reaches his highest levels of performance and maximizes his potential.

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  • All this via strategies aimed at equipping oneself with an "unbeatable" psychology and mindset, as well as a training plan propelling the athlete towards his victory.
  • At Azzuan, coaches are trained to help develop a winning psychology and to identify strategies to put in place to optimize the performance of athletes.

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photo de michel venne

Michel Venne

DO,ICF,Human optimization expert

Michel is a passionate explorer, pioneer, committed communicator, entrepreneur, teacher, athlete and speaker (also for the renowned corporation Orizon He has been tackling the subject of performance for over 30 years. Two distinct sports careers have seen him represent Canada internationally as an athlete and coach.

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Over the past two decades, his dedication to excellence has supported parallel and dynamic careers in healthcare: that of teaching integrative healthcare applications, as well as guiding clients in their quests. of physical, mental and performance well-being. He is the co-founder of one of the first interdisciplinary complementary health center in Canada and is a consultant to the National Institute of Sport. More recently, he has focused on the implementation of performance and well-being concepts at the corporate level in order to fulfill his personal mission: that of serving in a meaningful way by enabling individuals and companies to take fully charge of their optimization.

photo de sabina bastian

Sabina Bastian


A career of more than 20 years in the business world in communication-marketing eventually led me to coaching, a profession that I have been practicing since 2010. Passionate since my youngest age by human potential and everything that leads to an optimal life, my career in the field of high-performance communication-marketing allowed me to experience firsthand what it means to continually surpass myself, push my limits and get out of my comfort zone.

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Along with my professional life, I have always had an interest in everything related to wellness and holistic health. So it was natural for me to join the dynamic Azzuan team. I am known for my strategic thinking, my deep listening skills and my ability to get directly to the heart of issues affecting individuals. Whether it is to find a new direction in life, to clarify your vision, to develop or improve your professional skills, to maximize your potential while maintaining a balanced life, or simply to become the best version of yourself, I will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

photo de holly parker

Holly Parker


Holly Parker is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Lifestyle & Longevity Coach, Biohacker & Fierce Optimist trained and certified in the Functional Medicine approach. I made it my mission to empower clients with cutting-edge information and self-determined actions to upgrade healthspan and maximize lifespan.

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Your daily habits may accelerate aging, weaken your defense systems, and reduce your capacity for peak performance. I help you gain control of the lifestyle areas that impact your durability, resiliency, and vitality so you remain well and thriving amidst any circumstances. I invite you to a free 30-minute conversation to see if together we are a good fit for your coaching journey.