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Benefits of acupuncture to meet your needs


Reduces inflammation and pain, in addition to relaxing muscles, which helps relieve discomfort of all kinds.

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  • Helps regulate the nervous and hormonal systems, which are linked to a variety of other problems, including headaches, allergies, stress, sleep, menopause, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), etc .;
  • The World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture as being effective in treating at least 43 specific health problems.

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Prevention of recurring colds, digestive or respiratory problems, infections and other common problems at a young age.

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  • No needles for children (although they can be used: more comfortable alternatives for little ones are preferred, including magnets or bandages with a tiny needle;
  • Gentle interventions, without side effects and safe for the child;
  • Also effective for all the same consultation reasons as for adults.

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Optimization of all body systems to reduce nausea and circulatory disorders, increase energy level, etc.

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  • Improved fertility and reduced risk of miscarriages;
  • Promotes a good position of the fetus and helps to induce childbirth in a natural way;
  • After childbirth, helps in better recovery and weight management;
  • For babies, support for breastfeeding, digestion and sleep is available.

Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


Increases energy level and accelerates muscle regeneration, which increases training volume and improves athletic performance.

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  • Master in reducing inflammation, helps eliminate discomfort and accelerates recovery from injury for a quick return to practice;;
  • Impressive results on the body before or after a sporting event;
  • Helps calm the nervous system in managing stress during competitions.

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)


Acupuncture lifting can help care for a man or woman's face, either to address a skin problem or simply to reduce the appearance of aging.

Details to come

Laval acupuncturists

photo de marilyn sutherland

Marilyn Sutherland


Make an appointment with Marilyn

My fascination with human nature initially led me to study psychology, then sexology. It was through a journey rich in detours that I discovered acupuncture first as a tool, then as a way of life. I specialized in different branches of this medicine such as:

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addiction disorders (NADA protocols at the Dollard-Cormier center), Chinese dietetics (combining the right foods according to your own typology), the endocrine system (glands and hormonal regulation), pain treatment (master Tung) and acu-lift (unification of the complexion, work on the symmetry of the features, prevention and aggravation of wrinkles, etc.). Acupuncture remains for me of great accuracy to work with the eternal source of inspiration that is the human being!

photo de caroline nadeau

Caroline Nadeau


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More than 10 years ago, I went through an episode of acute and stubborn pain that led me to consult acupuncture. Although initially skeptical, I was more than surprised to see a remarkable improvement in my condition following the treatment. This experience was a real revelation, to such an extent that I decided to make it my profession. My practice integrates several therapeutic tools including cupping, electro-stimulation, moxa, guasha and acupressure (stimulation of points by touch).

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Acupressure is particularly effective in maximizing the effect of regular treatment and also reduces the number of punctures, which is very useful with children or people who are more reluctant to use needles, for example. Chinese medicine is vast and presents an understanding of the human body through several types of lenses that I undeniably enjoy exploring by studying different systems of classical acupuncture. Among other things, I deepened the approach of Dr. Tan and that of Jing Fang (Chinese pharmacopoeia). These studies have allowed me to improve my efficiency as an acupuncturist, in the presence of digestive or psychic disorders (anxiety, depression) or acute and chronic pain, to name but a few. Overall, my approach is rooted in the present and based on deep multi-dimensional listening and genuine empathy.