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Solutions to your needs


Regardless of your age, physical condition or type of work, why accept your discomforts as "normal"?

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  • Optimize your joint structures, your mobility, and your alignment;
  • Optimize your digestion, sleep, hormonal system, energy level, and weight management;
  • Facilitate your stress management, optimize your concentration and reach your life goals!

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Starting off on the right foot, so many possibilities!

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  • Facilitate the development of your child;
  • Help prevent common problems at a young age such as: recurring colds, digestive or respiratory problems, infections, allergies;
  • See the “Children” section of the various health care services to learn more about the benefits of each;
  • Also effective for adults.

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For your pregnancy follow-up complementary to your medical support.

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  • Support fertility and preparation for pregnancy;
  • During pregnancy: Prevent miscarriages, promote the position of the fetus, optimize your digestive system to help with nausea and vomiting, etc.;
  • For childbirth: Help your body to reduce labor time, and to promote the onset of labor if the term is exceeded;
  • After childbirth: Your body has done quite a marathon! Help it recover and return to an optimal state both physically and mentally;
  • For your baby: Optimize his digestive system if he has any discomfort. Help prevent growth disorders. Optimize your sleep and relieve discomforts.

Details on the benefits for perinatal care (in French)


Complementary approach to your training to get more out of it!

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  • Prevent injuries by improving your mobility, your right / left balance, and freeing up structures in your body that may be suboptimal;
  • Increase your energy level, restart overworked structures after heavy workouts, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation and thus improve your performance;
  • Improve your concentration, and direct your mind so that you can achieve your goals.

Details on benefits for athletes (in French)


Acupuncture lifting can help you take care of your face, either to solve a skin problem or simply to reduce the appearance of aging.

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The simple steps of your health care

1 Appointment

You make a first appointment with the discipline of your choice.


You contact us to explain your need and we will suggest where to start.

2 Health questionnaire

You complete an online health questionnaire before your arrival.

3 Team discussion

Your case is discussed anonymously at the start of the day between team members in order to analyze your situation and optimize your care. Several brains at your service!

4 Treatment & combinations

Your practitioner evaluates you and uses the tools of his discipline, as well as his interdisciplinary knowledge to help you. If appropriate, they will provide you with a coordinated plan that includes other practitioners to achieve more effective results. You will be the one who decides how you wish to proceed.

5 Effective solutions

Ultimately, you get quick results that last over time, from a caring, attentive team trained with the highest standards.

Yes! Your practitioner only consults other team members anonymously to optimize your session when needed.

Not at all. We offer you a coordinated follow-up across various disciplines that can help give you the best results. Your next step is entirely up to you, with the practitioner(s) and the discipline(s) of your choice.

Billed individually by practitioner.

Definitely, contact us.