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The discomforts that poison our lives can come from where we least expect them: lack of proper hydration, lack of rest, poor diet, lack of exercise and what else!? Consulting a therapist is a great start. To consult a therapist who works in a team is even better. We offer a comprehensive assessment of the condition, possible solutions from different disciplines that can bring in a minimum of time the maximum results. What more can we wish for? Our approach does not replace traditional medicine, it works as a complement and can help you with a multitude of discomforts related to: chronic pain, insomnia, stress / anxiety / attention disorders, headaches, chronic fatigue, skin problems, digestion, etc. *

* In case of injury or acute problem, consult your doctor beforehand.


Avoid trial and error – Appropriate disciplines in the most optimal sequence


Quality of care – The highest training standards for quick results that stand the test of time


Solutions – Personalized interdisciplinary plan brainstormed and decided as a team; beyond the usual limits of isolated work to go to the root of the problems


Humanity and innovation – A caring team that will work simultaneously with you. An immersive collaboration that you will witness!

Avoid trial and error – Appropriate disciplines in the most optimal sequence

Quality of care – The highest training standards for quick results that stand the test of time

Des solutions – Plan interdisciplinaire personnalisé réfléchi et décidé en équipe; au-delà des limites habituelles du travail isolé

Humanity and innovation – A caring team that will work simultaneously with you. An immersive collaboration that you will witness!


Your personalized care plan will consist of the combination of services that will best meet your needs based on the analysis of your health questionnaires on your first visit.



An exhaustive list of the discomforts targeted by osteopathy would be much too long to establish. They can be grouped according to the various systems they impact: musculoskeletal, circulatory (venous, arterial and lymphatic), nervous, urinary, gynecological, reproductive, and respiratory, fascia, skin, etc.



The first rule in health is: do no harm! Acupuncture is a medicine with virtually no side effects if performed by a trained professional. It perfectly respects this first rule. Through a simple and painless application of needles on specific sites of the body, acupuncture offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxant benefits to soothe discomfort of all kinds. But that’s not all, acupuncture also offers regulating effects of the nervous system (sedative), as well as the hormonal system, which affects another wide variety of problems related to them. As you may know, this can affect many systems and discomforts such as those related to: headaches, allergies, stress, menopause, etc. Indeed, the World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture effective in more than 43 specific health problems!


Massage therapy

Massage therapy is an effective way to relieve chronic pain because the therapeutic touch takes into account the individual physiological and psychological factors of pain. For the relief of back pain due to a musculoskeletal problem, one of the most common discomfort, massage can reduce the pain and also improve the quality of sleep. Massage therapy can also be useful to promote the proper functioning of the whole body by its ability to improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, and reduce the discomfort associated with depression.

nutrition nutritionniste vegetarien holistique

Naturopathy & Nutrition

Naturopathy can greatly help for various discomforts. The body’s ability to self-regulate is powerful. With the help of multiple natural means, the body can regain its balance and find relief.

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The practice of yoga goes back several hundred years ago, and has survived until today for several reasons. It can be useful to ease certain discomforts, but it especially helps to prevent them! Yoga is a safe and accessible discipline when taught by a competent teacher, helping to avoid many daily discomforts, decreasing major risk factors for developing certain illnesses, all this by increasing flexibility, strenghtening and toning the muscles, improving breathing, energy and vitality, and maintaining a balanced metabolism. Avoiding discomforts has never been so enjoyable.


Functional training

Some discomforts are related to poor organization of moving body segments. Functional training helps correct body alignment and contributes to optimal multi-joint coordination. Stable and aligned body structures will allow ease of movement; the opposite irritates and stresses the body.

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In the case of illness or physical discomfort, the psychoeducator can be a good help to allow the client to adapt to their new condition. They present solutions that answer to all spheres of life: professional, personal, family, etc. The psychoeducator listens, and allows their client to have a neutral place to vent about their illness Finally, it is important to specify that some discomforts can be maintained or developed following a psychoaffective condition. It may therefore be relevant to address it in psychoeducation in order to guide the client towards adaptation and solutions.


Qi Gong

With postural alignment, Qi Gong reduces mechanical limitations, while improving circulation and oxygenation, which in turn promotes nutrition and the healing of tissues. It brings a meditative state of tranquility, which according to several researches, activates certain areas of the brain that help fight pain. Moreover, it is a powerful emotional regulator. According to traditional Chinese medicine, emotional disorders are one the main causes of internal disease. Qi Gong is a complete discipline, accessible to us all.



Everybody know the power of the placebo effect. This demonstrates how the mind, when well oriented, is an important tool to help with all kinds of discomforts and malaises.

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