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Created to get the best out of everyone’s knowledge, the Azzuan center was initially a place of optimization for all those coming in contact with it: therapists, customers, partners, community network and much more! Its success is undeniable as much in its results, as in its therapeutic exchanges and its customer experience.

At the base of this project was a vision of sharing, openness and exchange for the common good. This value has remained the same and its implementation now extends beyond its team. It is in this spirit that Azzuan takes on the role of a pioneer and expert of the interdisciplinary integrative approach by offering a series of courses, trainings, workshops and conferences. These are offered to adventurers and wellness pioneers who wish to put a foot in the future of the integrated approach of the individual, as much for themselves as for those they wish to help. Are you one of them?

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Michel Venne

Michel Venne is a renowned Montreal osteopath, cofounder of Azzuan, a former osteopathic teacher, a certified coach, an Orizon speaker and a.k.a X_Mind_Project, who works with a diverse clientele, including athletes, to help them improve and optimize their health and performance. He has also become a certified coach, which just added to his strengths and became his newest passion in the last year. Michel’s goal is to enable everyone, whether client or student, to reach their highest peaks.

Michel first practiced physiotherapy in 1997, then osteopathy in Montreal since 2002 and inaugurated Azzuan, Inc., the first integrated natural health clinic in Montreal, with his partner, Efi Polikratis, in 2016. Michel earned the highest distinction in karate: the 5th Dan Black Belt. With over 30 years of karate practice, he has built a solid foundation and that is still a path he continues to follow. He believes that if he is to be a leader, he must also demonstrate his own determination on the path of growth and success. His experiences as a coach of the Canadian karate team and as a teacher in osteopathy were privileged moments to transmit his knowledge.