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Program for the corporate elite

Former athlete, national coach, and consultant for support teams wishing to apply an integrated approach with Olympic athletes, Michel Venne wanted the quality of services offered to Olympians accessible to all. His experience as an osteopath and former physiotherapist, as well as a high-level athlete, allows him to adequately put our team at your service.

Olympic athletes receive support on all levels to optimize their performance, prevent injuries, recover quickly and obviously constantly improve! It is time to offer the same to their equivalent in the business world… the professional elite wishing to surpass themselves while stopping to compromize their well-being!

The program extends over a period of 9 in order to allow integration of the concepts in daily life and their long-term applications. It was designed as continuing education contributing as much to the professional as to his company. Corporate coaching rates are applicable to this program.


Physical upgrade – for a body free of discomforts

It is easy to understand that suboptimal health does not allow anybody to reach their full potential. Imagine the loss of energy, the lack of concentration and therefore the lack of productivity, when the body tries to get rid of headaches, back pain or digestive issues, etc. Here are the steps for this upgrade:

  • Health questionnaire + consultations with an osteopath, acupuncturist and naturopath;

  • Establishment of your optimization plan;

  • The number of sessions required for the follow-up are discussed and established with you according to your needs, your insurance policy and your resources. On average 1 visit per month. Each visit includes on average 2 combined sessions of different expertise.

Le coaching est un accompagnement créatif et stimulant qui vous inspire à maximiser votre potentiel personnel et professionnel!

Global optimization – training for performance

The bio & mind hacking optimization program is based on the discoveries of epigenetics. In simple terms, epigenetics tells us that we are not limited by our DNA. This can be expressed in a thousand ways depending on the influence of environmental factors.

These essential pillars for the full optimization of human potential are:

  • Diet and lifestyle;

  • Attitude towards stress;

  • Movement;

  • Psychology and emotions;

  • Interpersonal relationships;

  • Meditation.

This group workshop format program lasts 8 days, over a period of 8 months. Click here for details and schedule (planned courses currently in french but can be given in english if there is enough demand).

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Private coaching “like an Olympian”!

The path to optimization is powerful but not easy. It requires discipline, motivation and perseverance. For this reason, the professional is accompanied by a coach who guides them through the more fragile or difficult areas of their optimization.

  • 9 sessions with your private coach over a period of 9 months;

  • Coordination of the various expertise and adjustment of the plan during the period.

  • An electronic system to track your progress and exchange with your coach.


Investing in your personal growth

  • In line with law 90 and continuous education, investment to be made by your corporation $4750+tx for:

    • 9 private coaching sessions;

    • 8 day training workshop over 8 months;

    • Plan establishment and coordination.

  • Your investment for the treatments on average $ 250/month taxes included for 9 months, before reimbursement from your insurance for:

    • 3 first consultations;

    • 8 visits as per the determined plan.

Your company would like to offer performance & well-being training to a group of employees?

Law 90, as well as professional orders, require an investment in human resources training, however few of these investments have a real impact on the performance of the employees and their business. They are often considered a “necessary evil” which must simply be delt with, put on a shelve and forgotten. Our programs distinguish themselves by the profound transformation they bring and by the positive repercussions that are felt throughout the company. Click here to see the programs offered for companies by X-Mind project (Michel Venne).

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