Cognitive training can take the form of consultations with a mental trainer, but at Azzuan the main tool used in meetings is the “NeuroTracker”. This tool emerged after twenty years of research in neuroscience at the University of Montreal to improve cognitive performance. The software challenges you to track multiple moving targets in a 3D space. Technology adapts the speed and complexity of the task to optimize your cognitive training at each stage. Therefore, it is possible to improve several functions of the brain: its attention, its executive function, its working memory and its speed of information processing.



Several types of training are possible in order to practice cognitive training or mental preparation. As for the NeuroTracker tool, only Synapse Plus (by Maxime Chevrier) is authorized to grant official certifications.


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The NeuroTracker uses the neuroplasticity of the brain (innate ability of the brain to adapt to the demands of the environment through a functional reorganization) to develop it, much like a muscle! We could call it push-ups for the brain!


$90 / session *
* Taxes are applicable.

* Receipts for insurance purposes are provided.

Maxime Chevrier

Maxime Chevrier

Having practiced hockey at the highest competitive level during my youth, one could say that sports have always been part of my life. After finishing my studies in psychology at UQTR, I was determined to work with athletes. I am one of the only ones in Canada to have received a complete training to use the NeuroTracker software. I have worked as a psychology consultant for over 10 years, specializing in cognitive training for all those who wish to improve their performance. Many professional and Olympic athletes attribute some of their most distinguished performances to our neuro-plasticity training. My career has also led me to be a teacher, speaker, clinic manager and author. Some would say that I am a reference in the field, I would say rather that I am very passionate!



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It is in the world of sport that the NeuroTracker is the most widespread, both with amateurs and professionals. Since cognitive requirements are extreme in sports, neuroplasticity is crucial in the performance potential of any athlete. The tool allows for example: to stay focused longer when the pressure is high, to have more time to think of passes and tactics, to anticipate the actions of teammates or opponents, to better use peripheral vision, and much more.

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The NeuroTracker can help improve the concentration of children with ADD or ADHD. It stimulates the brain’s neuroplasticity in areas such as attention, working memory, and cognitive performance to improve cognitive performances.

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Following a concussion, the NeuroTracker can help you regain your cognitive abilities. Like a muscle that has suffered a trauma and is progressively re-educated, the brain can improve its performance again. In addition, in the case of chronic pain, this tool can help you decrease your perception of pain and therefore the way it is felt in the body.

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Whether it is to help you manage your stress, improve your memory or simply preserve your cognitive competences while aging, the NeuroTracker is a tool that will accompany you in your quest for optimization and well-being.

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