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Coaching is a creative and stimulating tool that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential! Coaching helps you reach your goals, through a process that helps to create a bridge between the gap of your current reality, and the dreams or the changes you want to make in your life. Coaching builds your strengths and resources to open up unseen opportunities and overcome your challenges. The emphasis in coaching is directed towards the present and the future, as well as on taking action to generate the results you expect. Studies show that if you put in place concrete action plans, as well as engaging with an outside person, you greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals!



The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the global organization that certifies individual coaches and sets quality standards, as well as the industry’s code of ethics. ICF certified that coaches practice their profession by demonstrating 11 essential Competences.


Coaching in our collaborative center

Physical discomforts, or non-optimal health conditions, are often the result of more or less conscious blockages. Coaching is based on a conversational structure that unlocks the potential and maximizes the performance of individuals. Personnalized guidance through coaching contributes to the achievement of physical, emotional and spiritual health goals. Even when you consult a coach by themselves, you benefit from the collective brain of the other disciplines the center has, always in the respect of your confidentiality. This increases the efficiency of your care and enables you to receive a unique service in Quebec!


$100-150 session depending on length and coach*

$200 for professional coaching (related to work)*

* Taxes are applicable.

**while respecting your confidentiality



Sabina Bastian

Passionate about human development and all that leads to an “optimal” and fulfilling life, I have been interested in these concepts since my adolescence. From this young age, I initiated myself to Gestalt and meditation. Several members of my family being from the world of psychology and alternative medicine, led me to have a very holistic vision of health and happiness, integrating all physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.
After studying Political Science (to broaden my understanding of humans at a “systemic” level), I spent 20 years in the business, communication and creative industries. This eventually led me to a path that allows me to marry the world of human potential and the professional world, through the coaching profession. When I’m not practicing or teaching coaching, I walk around the old country, where I get involved in the wilderness, by engaging in various sports such as swimming, skiing, yoga and hiking.

Michel Venne2

Michel Venne

* Also co-founder of the Azzuan Center, an Orizon speaker and a.k.a X_Mind_ProjectLeader, guide and explorer more than administrator, I try to inspire and not to impose. Rigour and discipline, I served them to myself first to reach deeper levels of understanding and well-being. A career that has gone through studies in industrial relations, physiotherapy, and osteopathy, which finally made me vibrate. On the other hand, 30 years of karate practice have built a solid foundation of a path that I have never abandoned to this day. Coach of the Canadian team and osteopathic teacher, it is an honor for me to teach and share. Becoming a model was not a goal, but how else to show the way if you did not follow it yourself? It is the ardent desire to help and transmit that gave birth to this great project. Newly certified coach, I will use this new tool to allow everyone to reach their highest peak. That’s the goal, that’s why Azzuan exist and that’s who I am!


Holly Parker

Holly Parker is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Lifestyle & Longevity Coach, Biohacker & Fierce Optimist trained and certified in the Functional Medicine approach.

I made it my mission to empower clients with cutting-edge information and self-determined actions to upgrade healthspan and maximize lifespan.

Your daily habits may accelerate aging, weaken your defense systems, and reduce your capacity for peak performance. I help you gain control of the lifestyle areas that impact your durability, resiliency, and vitality so you remain well and thriving amidst any circumstances. I invite you to a free 30-minute conversation to see if together we are a good fit for your coaching journey. You are also welcome to visit my website for further information.

Coaching available in English while I continue to perfect my French.



looking forward


One of the most important questions addressed by coaching and positive psychology is: what is an optimal life? A life in which we feel fulfilled and that we live at our full potential! A coaching approach can help you not only answer these questions, but can also help to set up the conditions required in approaching your ideal personal and professional life!

femme travail


Olympic athletes receive support on all levels to optimize their performance, prevent injuries, recover quickly and obviously constantly improve! A coach is a key element to help professionals surpass themselves without having to put their well-being aside.

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Discomforts are sometimes the result of more or less conscious emotional or psychological blockages. These can also manifest during important transitions in life. Coaching helps to highlight certain unconscious mechanisms at play (limiting thoughts, emotional pain from the past, etc.), in order to help release blockages at the source of physical and other limitations.

Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration


The discipline of coaching was born in the world of sports: the coach accompanies the athlete to reach his highest levels of performance and to maximize his potential! The aim is to create an unbeatable psychological and mental state, which combined with an optimal training plan propels the athlete to victory. At Azzuan, our coaches are trained to help you develop the psychology of a winner, as well as to identify the strategies you need to optimize your performance.