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The company of tomorrow

To cope with burnouts, absenteeism, new global challenges, as well as turnover and scarcity of human resources, the company of tomorrow and each individual will have to be optimized in order to obtain performance and well-being all in the same breath. These two concepts, previously diametrically opposed, will have to unite in the same direction.


We are convinced that we can offer a key to unlock the potential of human resources, individually and as a team. Today more than ever, with the particular circumstances that we are living, we can only realize that we must do otherwise …

Concrete tools

This offer is distinguished by its concrete tools affecting both physical and mental aspects, from basic health to performance. Its foundations are as much scientific (epigenetics / biohacking) as empirical; impressive results, various fields.


No fancy theories. We work in the field, having been in the field most of our careers and running a business ourselves, we have a results-oriented approach. Applying changes that will impact today, with a solid foundation and long-term effect.

Rare combination of strengths

We are a rare combination of human and business expertise, originally from finance and health backgrounds, we put ourselves to the test as a team in the cocreation of Azzuan, the first collaborative center of its kind in Quebec. Our common values and our desire to explore human and corporate performance are what brought us together and what make us such a complementary pair.

We believe in the ability everyone has to do incredible things, accompanied by a great feeling of happiness, and all the positive impacts resulting on their corporation.

Speaker and coach: Michel Venne (X-Mind Project), ICF, DO More on Michel

Consultant in process optimization: Efi Polikratis, CPA, CA More on Efi 

You know that your workforce is your most valuable asset. But do you know how to unleash its full potential?

Here are various options to propel your business

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Discovery – Conferences via web

The best way to get your employees interested in change is to expose them to a variety of concepts that will captivate their curiosity and touch them personally through their relevance. We offer a variety of web conferences in an interactive webinar format. Our current schedule is only in French, but we can have them in English if you have enough participants. Click here to see the current schedule and topics *. Corporate group rates are available.

Are you interested in a conference but the schedule does not suit you? or would you like to adapt certain topics to your specific needs? We offer personalized conferences, ask us about it.

*Type “conférence” in pink


Coach – Digital products

Do you want to ensure continuity and uniformity of training in your teams and your new recruits? We have developed online courses available for purchase and for free use in your business. The courses on stress and mindset will soon be available, and many more are in the process of being recorded!


Coach – Workshops and privates

Do you have a specific goal, an obstacle to overcome, a team to optimize? We offer personalized workshops and private coaching in the optimal combination for you. The workshops are preferably in person, but with the COVID-19 conditions everything can be done remotely. The subjects that can be discussed are well diversified. Tell us about your challenge!

performance corpo

Perform – Complete program for the corporate elite

Athletes are expected to train and prepare themselves to compete about 90% of their time, in order to perform the other 10%. Businesses generally demand the opposite … there is something there to think about! A comprehensive program that touches on all aspects of well-being and performance as prescribed for Olympic athletes! Profound transformations for each individual and a positive impact bearing its effects on the entire company.

This program offers:

  • Physical upgrade – for a body free of discomforts

  • Global optimization – group workshops on biohacking to activate your DNA

  • Private coaching “like an Olympian”!

Click here for the details on the program. Note that corporate rates differ and are adjusted according to the number of participants.


Support – Efficient processess

Efficient human resources also require efficient business processes.

Managers and executives of companies are often buried under the weight of day-to-day management and lack the time to put in place all the improvements they would like in their processes. Efi Polikratis has a rare expertise that allows it to be a powerful tool allowing managers to accomplish their projects, a little like their extension. Having been a finance director, entrepreneur and manager for several years, she fully understands the reality on the ground, while providing practical, effective and creative solutions.

This service is available on its own or in combination with others.


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