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Prévention des blessures, hausse du niveau d’énergie et de la vitesse de récupération, amélioration de la concentration

Athlete performance program

Former athlete, national coach, and consultant for support teams wishing to apply an integrated approach with Olympic athletes, Michel Venne wanted the quality of services offered to Olympians accessible to all. His experience as an osteopath and former physiotherapist, as well as a high-level athlete, allows him to adequately put our team at the service of athlete performance.

You don’t need to train for the Olympics in order to have access to an elite support team! There is much more to performance than your technical training. Injury prevention, increased energy level, recovery speed, and improved concentration, are all aspects that greatly impact it.

The program extends over a period of approximately 6 months in order to allow integration of the concepts in daily life and their long-term applications.


Physical performance

  • The maintenance of your most precious machine, but also how to get more out of it!

  • Health questionnaire + consultations with osteopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist and naturopath;

  • The number of sessions and additional expertise are discussed and established with you according to your needs, your insurance plan and your resources. On average 1 visit every 2 weeks. Each visit includes on average 2 combined sessions of different expertise.

Zachary Gaudreault of Montreal competes in the C1M SR event during the finals at Canoe Kayak Canada's Canoe Slalom National Championships held at The Pumphouse Sunday August 6, 2017.   Ashley Fraser/Postmedia

Master your mindset

How do you deal with the pressure? What kind of mental preparation do you do between competitions? With what attitude do you approach your training or even your whole season? How do you know that your lifestyle and your training volume are optimal? These are the types of reflections on which your mindset coach can guide you with.

  • 7 sessions with your mindset coach over a period of 6 months;

  • + Establishment of the well-being plan, coordination of the various expertise and adjustment of the plan during the period.

  • An electronic system to track your progress and exchange with your coach.

  • Possibility of coordination and collaboration with the technical coach, if the athlete and its coach are open and interested.


Invest in you and your performance!

Nous favorisons l’approche multritraitement pour les raisons énumérées ci-dessus. Nos disciplines sont tout de même disponibles individuellement et les rendez-vous peuvent être pris en ligne.

Your investment amplified – Optional Group sessions

  • The bio and mind hacking optimization program is based on the discoveries of epigenetics. In simple terms, epigenetics tells us that we are not limited by our DNA. This can be expressed in a thousand ways depending on the influence of environmental factors.

  • These essential pillars for the full optimization of human potential are:

    • Diet and lifestyle;

    • Attitude towards stress;

    • Movement;

    • Psychology and emotions;

    • Interpersonal relationships;

    • Meditation.

  • It is possible to add these sessions in a short conference format, or as group workshops. Click here to access the list (planned courses currently in french but can be given in english if there is enough demand).

* For athletes the subject “movement” is removed from the group program because it is addressed more specifically for them in their private coaching.

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