Acupuncture is one of the disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine whose goal is to optimize the body or relieve discomfort. Acupuncture is based on an energetic vision of man and the universe to establish its reasoning. Acupuncture consists of the puncture and manipulation of fine needles on certain areas of the skin, mucous membranes or subcutaneous tissue of the human body, called acupuncture points. In addition to the needle, the acupuncturist may use heat, pressure, electrical current, or light during this stimulation. Several scientific studies support the results of this method.



In Quebec, acupuncture is regulated by the Order of Acupuncturists of Quebec (OAQ) since 1995. All acupuncturists must be a member of a legal practice. The minimum training required to be a member of the OAQ is a 3-year DEC in Acupuncture. Thereafter, acupuncturists are required to provide ongoing training on an ongoing basis throughout their careers in order to constantly improve their knowledge and expertise.


Acupuncture in our collaborative center

Traditional Chinese medicine is by itself integrative (treatments, movement, breath, nutrition), and inseparable from optimal health. When you consult an acupuncturist at Azzuan center, you are doing it in a context that respects its origins. Even when you consult an acupuncturist by themselves, you benefit from the collective brain of the other disciplines the center has, always in the respect of your confidentiality. This increases the efficiency of your care and enables you to receive a unique service in Quebec!




Acupuncture for face lifting 90 min 150 $ (taxable if for aesthetic reasons only).

**In anonymity to respect the rules of the OAQ

Receipts for insurance purposes are provided. 



Judith Leduc, A-016-10

I discovered contemporary dance at an early age. This body art has allowed me to develop a kinship for kinesthetic sense while cultivating intuition and creativity. In this desire for continuity, I continued with the teaching yoga which brought me a more subtle anatomical and postural knowledge. It is also the associated lifestyle, which has transformed and soothed me. I became aware of the importance of global and preventive health, hence my passion today for my acupuncture work. Finally, it is this art of dancing that has sown the first seed of my passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is this art that I now try to transmit to my children, in order to tame our tool of life that is the body.

Nathael Duhaime

Nathael Duhaime, A-005-00

Working in several multidisciplinary clinics since the beginning of my career, I have an easy time working with other therapists, all in order to offer the best service possible. Being curious by nature, I never liked dogmas and easy answers. I always try to understand the clinical reasoning and the theory underlying the different approaches of my colleagues in order to fully integrate the whole therapeutic intervention and thus maximize the place of my intervention within my team.

Marilyn Sutherland, A-005-18

Several reasons led me to choose acupuncture. Alternative medicines have always been a priority in my choice of treatment for my quality of life and that of my loved ones. My fascination for the human being naturally led me to study psychology, then sexology. It is through this journey that my own acupuncturist gradually revealed to me the wonders that traditional Chinese medicine held. This holistic view of health quickly became obvious to me. In the end, acupuncture is in my opinion one of the most beautiful tools available to work with the eternal source of inspiration that is the human being.

Alex Duclos

Alexandra Duclos, A-023-10

It was during a 2-year stay in Vietnam between 2002 and 2004 that I discovered acupuncture. I was impressed by the effectiveness and simplicity of this therapeutic tool. The energy aspect of this discipline immediately appealed to me. As a teenager I was greatly interested in energy or what is called Qi in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine being holistic joins me a lot. Studying in this field allowed me, finally, to put words, concepts and reach a global understanding of the energy movements of the body but also of life in general. Graduated since 2010, I practiced acupuncture in a private clinic and a rehabilitation clinic. I have accumulated a lot of experience in the relief of musculoskeletal discomfort, but most of all I am interested in helping people find a balance in their bodies and their different systems.



douleur souffre souffrance malaise maux


The first rule in health is: do no harm! Acupuncture is a medicine with virtually no side effects if performed by a trained professional. It perfectly respects this first rule. Through a simple and painless application of needles on specific sites of the body, acupuncture offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxant benefits to soothe discomfort of all kinds. But that’s not all, acupuncture also offers regulating effects of the nervous system (sedative), as well as the hormonal system, which affects another wide variety of problems related to them. As you may know, this can affect many systems and discomforts such as those related to: headaches, allergies, stress, menopause, etc. Indeed, the World Health Organization recognizes acupuncture effective in more than 43 specific health problems!

méditation cours de groupe mode de vie


Acupuncture is undoubtedly a tool for optimizing and preventing health and well-being in general. As life is constantly offering new challenges, the body and the mind are required to maintain a constant and fluid adaptability. To do this, one must be healthy, rested and full of resources. Acupuncture, through its holistic vision of health, nourishes these aspects. It can help you optimize and regulate your systems so you can be in the best possible state and it gives you the resources to reach a higher level. Like a performance athlete, every detail counts if one wants to be able to give the best version of themselves at the crucial moment. The management of stress, the overall energy, the physical discomfort that harms your daily life, are all examples of things one must manage. Acupuncture is an ally to healing, focus and well-being!

Sportifs santé naturelle performance optimale niveau superieur


Acupuncture is the ally to athletes who wants to increase their energy levels and accelerate the regeneration of their tissues to enable them to increase their training volume and sports performance. Immediately before or after a sporting event, acupuncture has impressive results on the body. Master at reducing inflammation, the acupuncturist can also help eliminate discomfort, and accelerate recovery during injury for a quick return to practice. It can also help calm the nervous system in stress management during competitions.

traitement pour enfant , soigner soin


Do not worry … No needles for children (although it is possible)! Time-tested methods of acupuncture care are as effective in children as in adults … if not more! The placebo effect that requires a belief system, simply does not exist in babies (which in itself is evidence of empirical effectiveness). Being a gentle intervention, without any side effects and safe for your child, acupuncture is an ally of choice to supplement or be an alternative to the conventional care that you are generally offered. To prevent repetitive colds, digestive or respiratory problems, infections and many other issues, acupuncture can help you.



Perinatality includes the period before conception, the conception itself, the pregnancy, the preparation for childbirth, the actual childbirth and the first months of the baby’s life. For each of these periods, the acupuncturist is able to facilitate, accompany, relieve and stimulate the systems in question to make them more effective. It is a beautiful stage of life! Why not make it as pleasant as possible?

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